The SBI SC/ST employees welfare association was formed and registered in the year 1980 with the following objectives;

The aims and objects of the Association shall be:

  • To organize and unite the SC/ST employees of all cadres of the SBI under a common fellowship and foster among them a spirit of brotherly-hood/co-operation. The Association shall take such step for OBC also and after enrolling them, shall take such step as necessary for implementation of reservation.
  • To constitute and maintain a liaison between the SC/ST employees and the Authorities of the bank and to strive for cordial relations between them or to defend SC/ST employees in domestic enquiries.
  • To watch, promote, safeguard and furtherance the interest, rights & privileges of the SC/ST employees in all matters relating to employment, promotion, accommodation, service condition etc.
  • To get Reservation Policy implemented by all legal/constitutional means or to undertake such activities, except political calculated, which help in the upliftment, welfare and prosperity of SC/ST
  • To encourage the SC/ST employees to promote the interest of Bank by achieving of SC/ST.
  • To federate, co-operative or affiliate it with or give affiliation to other Associations or unions with similar aims & objects and organize SC/ST employees of SBI or other Banks etc. at national level.
  • To initiate, support and carry out measures to enhance the material, financial, educational, and social or other interests, except political, of SC/ST employees by all constitutional and legal means.
  • To do such acts as will foster solidarity amongst the working people in General & Bank employees in particular and to develop & maintain cordial relation with other such Bank Associations/Unions.
  • To arrange literacy, scientific, charitable means for the diffusion of useful knowledge & to open School/College/Library/Training Centers for them and to launch any publication for this purpose.
  • To enter into the negotiations or hold meetings or talks with Govt. National Commission for SC/ST, Parliamentary Committee for SC/ST or such other Commissions etc. and Management of SBI on behalf of SC/ST employees and get settled their grievances through negotiations with these forums.
  • To celebrate birth anniversary or Nirwan Diwas of Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, collect his literature & other social reformers and preach/hold seminar on their teachings amongst the masses.
  • To defend the members irrespective of their class or caste or religion or cadre i.e. Supervising and Award staff in the legel proceedings and domestic enquires.
  • To undertake other activities or create or borrow such funds, which are intended for or conductive to attain of the above objects or any one thereof or help us in achieving the above objectives.

To achieve these objectives, our circle took lead to form national federation of SBI SC/ST employees under the dynamic leadership of Sh. O.P. Indal, who got started the Structured Quarterly Meetings in the year 1990.

Though the website was made available during the year 2008 with some important features but it didn’t served the and aspiration of the association and its members so there is a need to reconstruct and re-face the website with a new version and objectives.


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